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Going forward into 2021

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I think we are all looking forward to a better year in 2021. I thought I would let you know about some plans that I personally have for 2021.

Just before Christmas I added in a new section of original work for sale on to my website at Original art for sale – www.janeglue.com I will be expanding this collection throughout the year as I continue to paint.

I am also exhibiting some original work in The Old Library's mixed artist's summer exhibition in Kirkwall which starts on Saturday 5th June.

I continue to have a range of cards and my 2022 calendar for sale at my sisters shop, Judith Glue's, 25 Broad st, Kirkwall. Judith also has a small selection of original work and prints on canvas. More recently she is selling a selection of round coasters produced from my work. All these products are also available at www.janeglue.com 

I have been enjoying painting with acrylics and mixed media this year using sea birds as my theme and I will continue to develop this medium. During lockdown I purchased a fancy new camera with a large lense and I spent quite a bit of time taking photos of birds such as gannets and puffins so I have been incorporating these images into my new work.

Thankyou to all of you who have bought my calendar last year. Unfortunately Corona virus delayed the printing until later in the year but with the help of Judith and my on line shops we were still able to sell them all, so thankyou for that! This year my 2022 calendar is already on sale in Judith's shop and on both our websites.

You will also have noticed that I have added in new card designs for sale Cards by Jane Glue – www.janeglue.com As the year goes on I will be adding or changing designs.

Recently I have added some new collections of products to my site. They are a range of signed limited edition canvases. Go to Limited edition Canvas prints – www.janeglue.com to view. These will be produced locally at Orkney Media/The Orcadian and mailed direct to the customer from my studio. Each design will be in an edition of 50.

A new range of candles made by my daughter Elsa Tait Designs and hand decorated by myself has also been added. They are in a limited edition of 50, each one unique see Hand poured and hand painted limited edition candles – www.janeglue.com I also plan to add a range of 'printed design' candles which will come in two sizes.

Another new product is my serving platters which can be used for the middle of a dining table for food or as placemats. These are made to a high standard and are heat resistant. To find out more details have a look at Serving platters – www.janeglue.com 

New round coasters will soon be added to my site so look out for those!

I mentioned earlier that I had bought a new camera! Out of all the hundreds of photographs that I have taken already, there are a few that I think would be really nice printed on to canvas. I am thinking about an A4 size of 12X10in.They will be signed and numbered in an edition of 50.  

I really want to thank everyone for supporting my website which was launched during lockdown in the pandemic. It has been great to have a project which has kept me busy and to re connect with some of my old customers! 

All my limited edition prints on paper are printed by my professional printing company, The Print Space in London. They are of  high quality and made to print on demand and mailed direct to you the customer, this has enabled me to offer a wide selection of print designs without holding a huge amount of stock. This company also makes my framed prints to order and I have been very pleased with the high standard of the frames. See  Framed Jane Glue limited edition Prints – www.janeglue.com  I can add in any other design from the website if you wish to buy a different picture. Please e mail me at jane@janeglue.com to arrange this. 

For those of you who follow my facebook page, janegluegallery, I have a new page that you might like to follow also. It is called, Where's your Glue? The page is aimed at those of you who have bought/collected my work throughout my career. The idea is for you to post photos ( just a phone photo is fine) of your favourite  paintings, prints, coasters, mugs, etc  that you have bought in the past. Pop over and have a look! and post your picture! I would love to see them! and you never know I might be able to tell you more about them.

I am also on pinterest, twitter and instagram under janeglue.

I look forward to sharing my work with you all in 2021! Thankyou Jane

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