Moving on in an uncertain world

Posted by Jane Glue on

Now that summer has come to an end, we move into an Orkney Autumn where one big gale removes all the leaves of any trees that Orkney has and suddenly it is winter! The evening draws in and it is dark by 7pm. Time to hunker down by the fireside and do inside things. The strange thing this year is that somehow we are coming into our second winter of the year having had a first during spring and early summer with lockdown. We all had to stay inside then and in a way I felt I missed out on Spring with the roadsides lined with daffodils, the bluebells at Happy Valley and later the large red poppies which have escaped from the gardens into the countryside. There have been no visiting liners this year so no crowds in Kirkwall (some might say a good thing), the beaches have been relatively empty and the archaelogy sites closed. Now coming up to winter life will be much the same as the covid summer, with some restrictions still in place, business is hard especially for our hotels, restaurants and bars.

For me as an artist life is still solitary, I wander the coastline looking for inspiration often visiting the same place but seeing it in a different way each time. The wind, the light and nature are always changing. I go back to my studio and try to interpret what I have seen and create something new. Recently I have started to paint in a more abstract way. I start by trying to think of nothing, adding random marks with drawing and then paint. I lay the image aside for a couple of days looking and thinking about what I want to say. Rarely does the image at the end of painting resemble the image at the beginning. It is a process of layering, adding and taking away, kind of like life. If you go to 'new work' on my homepage you will be able to see these recent abstract paintings which are all available in prints of different sizes.

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  • Sounds intriguing Jane and I shall look forward to seeing this new direction you seem to be going in for now – hope you are well Gwenn xx

    Gwenn Segura on

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