New limited edition print designs for 2022

New limited edition print designs for 2022

I thought I would create a collection of new prints from my recent work from 2022. I have continued to work with and experiment with all kind's of mixed media throughout this year. I have a large collection of 'found' pottery, sea glass, shells and anything else that I find of interest in my studio and I started to think about how I could incorporate them into my artwork. I think I mentioned before that a couple of years ago I purchased a pretty fancy camera with a big zoom lense which allows me to take nature photography close up. My computer has quickly filled up with hundred's of photographs of puffins, gannets and many other birds along with close ups of flora and the shoreline and I wanted to find more ways of introducing these images into my work. More recently I came across a technique of applying my images over the 'found' items that I have collected. With all this in mind I begun adding covered shells, sea glass and pottery to some images painted on heavy watercolour paper. I then moved on to adding watercolour to driftwood from the shoreline and then attaching more of my covered beach flotsam on to the driftwood. I tend to work on several artwork's at once in my studio and along side experimenting with my 'found' items, I have also continued to paint using acrylics, gesso and collage made from remnants of old artworks or my own photographs. To have a browse and read more about how each individual artwork has been created go to my new collection of prints at

New 2022 limited edition prints – 

As the year goes on I will be adding to this print collection and don't forget to have a look at my latest original work for sale where you will find many of the originals that these prints have been produced from, go to

Original paintings by Orkney artist Jane Glue –

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