Acrylics limited edition prints

Acrylic paint is fairly new medium for me. It is the opposite of watercolour as you can build acrylic paint up in layers, adding the white last, whereas with watercolours you have to plan your picture saving the white of the paper before you start painting by either using a masking fluid for small areas(the paper will tear when you remove the fluid if you use it in too big an area) and painting around shapes again saving the larger areas.  I can also make acrylic  paint quite thick and add in textures and 'found' items. I usually work on a heavy paper but recently I have been using canvas boards as they allow me to scratch and sand the paint, adding in texture as I work.

I like to build up layers of acrylic paint  as in the picture 'Silver darlings'. Usually the picture starts as something completely different from the end result. 'Old ruin with curlew' was painted over a texture of gesso, a medium that leaves white marks that are still saved after you add over the paint.  'Stromness shapes' was a larger original, I used a lot of collage and layers of acrylic paint to create the different shapes of the houses and piers of the town which sits above the shoreline. 'Abstract landscape with blue sky' and 'Abstract landscape with sea urchin' were painted as a pair, again they are painted with acrylics with added collage of vintage papers and shells. 'Blue day at Marwick head' is an abstract painting painted in acrylics which were added on over a lot of texture using gesso and various papers.

I feel that acrylics are a medium that I can explore for years to come so watch this space! and I hope you enjoy seeing my pictures.