An Orkney Summer

Celebrating summer in Orkney - with puffins, wildflowers and sunsets. I have chosen this selection for you as I feel these pictures represent Summer in Orkney.

Summer in Orkney is a very special time. In June all the wildflowers bloom and line the roadside verges. Big poppies escape out of people's gardens and are seen growing in the fields as in my picture, 'Poppy field, Orkney'. Ox-eye daisies ly along the shoreline in carpets, see my picture 'Summer daisies'. Cow parsley and meadow sweet grow together beside the lochside as in 'Summers day at Stenness loch' and the colours in the sky are in all shades of cerulean blue  and turquoise. 

On a still day when darkness never comes during mid-summer, you can hear the oystercatchers, lapwings and curlews making their familiar sound flying high above 'The Standing Stones', Orkney's famous neolithic stone circle which is part of Orkney's world heritage area. 

Our sunsets are spectacular in all shades of orange, yellow and red. The sky colours reflecting down on to the sea and lochs, of which there are many.

All over Orkney beside the cliffs you can go and see our wonderful birds, the puffins. They are so tame with humans that they will come very close to you and you can then see their multi coloured beaks and bright orange feet as in the picture 'Twin puffins'.

'Glittering sea, Yesnaby' is situated on Orkney's west coast and on a clear day you can see all the way south to The Old Man of Hoy and the Scottish mainland in the distance, the sea glittering in the sunlight.

The colours of the stone work on the houses and private piers which sit by the Stromness shoreline are all shades of brown and orange, guarded by the long seagrass which grows along the beach.

I hope you enjoy looking at this special selection from my website.