Jane's Favourites

I have chosen this selection of my personal favourites from my collection of work available as prints from over 35yrs which amounts to around 500 pictures. These chosen pictures are in a variety of different mediums from watercolours to mixed media. As with all my paintings, each picture has a different meaning for me, I can remember where the location was, the atmosphere and how I felt at the time of creating them. I usually start my pictures by visiting the location and doing sketches and taking photographs for reference then I go back to my studio and build on the information I have. Sometimes a picture has more history than others such as 'The explorer Dr John Rae's home' which was researched initially by visiting Stromness museum and his house at Clestrain. I then read 'Fatal Passage' by Canadian author Ken McGoogan which gave me a real insight of John Rae's personality. 'Forgotten pantry on the Island of Swona' was painted after a really special visit to this uninhabited Island south of South Ronaldsay. The seas are very rough around the Island so it is quite difficult to get there. It was a beautiful summers day and there was so much to see! the silver driftwood on the shore, the house ruins and the images inside the last lived in house which was abandoned suddenly in the 1970's because of illness, the elderly couple thought they would return hence the pantry was still full of old packets and tins of food. Every year I try and visit the Island of Westray not just to see the puffins but immerse myself in the landscape. Each Island in Orkney has its own personality and colours. 'Puffin twins' was done after one of those visits, there were hundreds of puffins at Burrian castle that day and they were so close I could almost touch them!  The old bus in the picture 'Blackbirds and old bus' lay at the old naval base of Lyness in Hoy deteriorating each year almost melting into the grassy surrounds. I really like the texture and faded colours you find in abandoned vehicles and this bus was a lovely shade of light blue. While I was there I noticed several blackbirds had made their home in it and were flying in and out of the open roof so they became part of my painting too!