Limited edition print of the month-April –

Limited edition print of the month-April

Each month Jane features one print design from her range and  provides more insights into how she painted the original and what inspired her to create the image.

'After the storm' was an acrylic painting with added copper pieces on canvas created in 2010. This was a new media for me at the time. Up until then I only worked in watercolours and although acrylics are a water based medium the difference is that acrylic paint can be built up in layers and this enables the artist to work over the colours and make changes at anytime unlike watercolours which must be planned ahead to allow the medium to stay fresh. 

The inspiration for this picture was a stroll along the shoreline at Newark in Deerness. It was a cold winters day and the wind was blowing the sea on to the beach making the seaweed swirl amongst the gulls which were diving in and out of the waves.

Apart from producing paintings during this time, I was also attending an evening silver jewellery class. This inspired me to cut out some bird shapes from a copper strip that I bought from the local plumber. I glued them on to the painting and added on more paint to give the affect of a storm.