Orkney landmarks

This collection consists of various Orkney Landmarks. Orkney is famous for it's neothithic sites and The ring of Brodgar, Maeshowe , Skara Brae and the new site of The Ness of Brodgar are all part of our world heritage site. Apart from these famous sites there are hundreds of others such as iron age brochs dotted along the coast and many burial tombs that have been discovered and more that are still hidden within the land all over Orkney's archipelago.

Other Orkney landmarks are part of our architecture such as St Magnus Cathedral and the WW2 prisoner of war church,The Italian chapel and many other older buildings.

Many landmarks exist as part of our coastline like The Old Man of Hoy, a stone monolith attached to St John's cliffs in Hoy. Folklore says it is a giant turned to stone. 

WW2 history is still prevalent here, a reminder of just how much Orkney took part in the war. Scapa flow was Britain's main naval base and many of the remnant's of gun battlements  still sit along the coast. In South Ronaldsay we have The Churchill barriers which were built by the Italian prisoners of war to protect the fleet against German submarines. The Italian prisoners built the wonderfull Italian Chapel from re-cycling anything they could use from part's of wrecks to bully beef can's which were made into hanging lights. In Flotta and Hoy there are more huge wartime buildings such as Stanger's Head. The story goes that the farmers did get money to take the wartime buildings down and in fact there was a second Italian chapel that was demolished but many buildings became used for other things as farm sheds and houses to live in. You can still see the front of the old wartime cinema where singing star Gracie Fields sung being used as the frontage of a house.

Dr John Rae's birthplace still stands at the farm of Clestrain in Stenness. At the moment the building looks empty and sad keeping all it's memories to itself. It is hoped that one day it will be a museum for John Rae who was Orkney's famous explorer, discovering The North West Passage in Canada and the terrible fate of Sir John Franklin's expedition. 

I hope you enjoy seeing this unique collection of Orkney Landmarks.