Standing Stones and The Ring of Brodgar

The Ring of Brodgar and the Standing Stones are two of our most famous archaeological sites in Orkney. The really nice thing is that you can visit them and be the only person there, alone with all their history, especially in the winter. They are truly magical! I still paint them in all different weather,sometimes just as they are and other times I am inspired by just a part of one stone. Each stone has its own personal marks and colours and the surrounding fauna changes with the seasons.

'Dark sunset at The Ring of Brodgar' is a favourite of mine. I have painted sunsets often but they can be tricky! it is easy to make a mistake with watercolour paint especially in the sky, but I think this picture worked out well and I like the deep colours.

In 'Spiral stone at The Ring of Brodgar' I used a bit of artists licence and I added the actual spiral pattern that is on the Westray stone on to the standing stone picture.

In 'The standing stones in the snow' picture I used salt dropped on to the wet paint in the sky to create a snow affect. This small group of stones sit about half a mile from The Ring of Brodgar, you can see the farm of Barnhouse in the distance silhouetted against the snowy hills of Stenness.

'September stones at The Ring of Brodgar' and 'Oystercatchers and curlews at The Ring of Brodgar' show part of the ring during late summer and Autumn. The surrounding heather is very beautiful as it changes colour from a vibrant violet when in flower to later on into browns and orange colours in the Autumn. 

The picture, 'Standing stones, Orkney' is a print of a fused glass piece. I worked with glass for a few years in my gallery in Finstown where I had more room to work. Coloured bulls eye glass is cut into shapes to form the picture, you can also add glass frit, glass paint and stringers. It is then placed in a kiln overnight to fuse and in the morning you open up the kiln with great excitement! There are prints of quite a few glass artworks throughout the site.

I hope you enjoy this selection of prints as much as I did painting them!