Summer Solstice collection –

Summer Solstice collection


In Orkney at this time of year are days are light and long, we call this the summer solstice. Just now the sun is above the horizon for over 18hrs,  this is due to the high latitude of Orkney, 59degrees north. 

When the summer sun finally sets, it remains just below the horizon so there is no true darkness - simply a period of extended twilight, known in dialect as the "simmer dim".

At this time of year it is quite possible to read a book outside at any time of the day.

It is believed that various 'rituals' and 'festivals' were held at our famous stone circle, The Ring of Brodgar, during the solstice, whether it be the summer or the winter solstice. Many visitors still come to Orkney in the summer solstice, not just to visit The Ring, but to enjoy our wildflowers which are so beautiful in June and our bird life which can be heard all through the long summer nights. 

The pictures that I have chosen for this collection have been painted at this time of year. The light especially in the evening is very special so I have included quite a few painted at this time of day. I have also included different paintings of birds and flowers that are abundant in Orkney just now and also a few sunsets which are always full of colour at mid summer. I hope you enjoy them all!