Winter Collection

If you think of winter in Orkney, you may think of the cold harsh climate. Yet there is beauty too. The light is soft, low and golden. The Northern Lights (or Merry Dancers) flicker in the midnight skies and storms  create a dramatic backdrop to our landscape. Waves roll in wild and high landing on the shoreline creating fantastic shapes and colours of turquoise, blue and green. Spume hovers above creating a sea mist in front of the skyline. The landscape although now washed in colour still reveals the low contours of the fields and cliffs in the distance. Seaweed is strewn along the shore covering the patterns of the rocks with hidden pools of light.

Our ancient Standing Stones rise from the surrounding peat stretching up into the sky full of menacing clouds timelessly forever as if nothing had changed. 

St Magnus cathedral shines red in the late afternoon light glowing bright in front of the sunset. Not a soul wandering along the narrow streets, everyone has returned home to snuggle in their cosy houses for the rest of the cold winters day. 

Clestrain still stands above the shore in Stenness, the birthplace of our famous explorer Dr John Rae. I wonder how many stories the house keeps secret. On snowy days it seems as if John is there peeping through the window panes and dreaming of his amazing life to come.

Sheep are hard fast against the surrounding farm fences, sheltering from the gales and cold of winter storms. Thank god for their woolly jumpers!

I hope this latest collection of winter pictures capture the mood and emotions of wintertime in Orkney.