Orkney artist Jane Glue working in her studio at The Creative hub in Kirkwall

A peep inside Orkney artist Jane Glue's art studio

I thought you would like to see inside my art studio and some of my collection of items that inspires my work from over the past thirty five years.

This old tin bucket is full of shells, beach pottery, sea glass and many other things that I have found along the Orkney shoreline. The orange piece is a bit of plastic fisherman's buoy covered with barnacles. In days gone by folk just tipped thier rubbish on to the shoreline. It isn't as bad as it sounds! there was no plastic in those days, mainly pottery and glass and that is why today the best places to look for this 'old rubbish' is around the shore below our villages. I have even found some old World war one pottery from the sunken scuttled german fleet around the shorelines of Scapa flow! Of course that is rare and there are still plenty of shells and other 'flotsam' to be found.

I love these flat oval beach pebbles. These were found on a visit to St Ninian beach in the Shetland Islands. Apparently they are this shape because of the flow of the tide meeting at a sand bar on this particular beach. I guess it maybe works like an enormous stone tumbling machine. Different feathers are also a favourite of mine and I often use them to draw with using ink and sometimes they even end up as part of the painting. See this limited edition print

Limited edition print/Mussels, feather and gull – www.janeglue.com

On the bottom left of the picture is an old pottery knob from a stone water bottle, a great find! The painted tiles at the back and the swallow mug are part of a big collection of pottery that I have.

This picture is the view from my studio window. Although I am at The Creative Hub(behind Ortak jewellery) I am still near Orkney's main town of Kirkwall so it is really lovely to have a line of trees outside my window. In the foreground is a vintage painted cockerel teapot which I love, and the lime green, turquiose and cream pottery are some items that I made with potter Robin Palmer Ceramics | unique pottery | Orkney Islands, United Kingdom who has his studio down the corridor from mine. Behind the pottery cockerel is an old 'Gardens Ltd' lemonade bottle, I love old bottles and I have a collection of them in all different colours. Behind the bottle is a fused glass image of Stromness, again it is the colours of the glass which attract me and a few years ago I did my own fused glass.


Orkney artist Jane Glue in her studio with her original painting Original painting framed/Birsay Vibes – www.janeglue.com This mixed media painting was created with a mixture of collage, acrylics and inks.

I hope you enjoy having a peep inside my studio!

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