A limited edition print of an abstract image of a seascape with a gull and wildflowers in greens and blues with added gold by Orkney artist Jane Glue, Scotland

Its all about the light

I think the basis for all my artworks over a long career as an artist is my life here in Orkney. For me the open big skies,landscape and bright clear colours along with the ever changing weather and light have been my constant inspiration.

Limited edition print/Rainstorm over the Hoy Hills, Orkney – www.janeglue.com

This watercolour is certainly about the Orkney light. I have used the 'wet on wet' watercolour technique where the paint is dropped on to the wet paper. This techique is always unpredictable but I like that! 

Recently I have been working with many different mediums from watercolours to acrylic medium, collage and other mixed media materials. I like to introduce lots of texture into my paintings and I often work in a multi layered way and sometimes there may be several paintings brought together into one final image.

Limited edition print/Highland park memories – www.janeglue.com

I often work intuitively with no real idea of what the end product will look like. I start by laying down random marks using crayons and adding shapes with paint. I will then add collage and sometimes my own pictures of my favourite birds and colours. In the image above I used a vintage photograph of a cooper at the world famous Highland Park Whisky Distillery · Kirkwall, Orkney (coopers make the wooden whisky barrels) and layered the painting using mixed media materials added over the photograph. If you would like to view  my current original work go to

 Original artwork by Orkney artist Jane Glue – www.janeglue.com

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