Glittering sea, Yesnaby, a limited edition print from an original watercolour painting by Orkney artist Jane Glue, Scotland

Winter has arrived in Orkney and I am celebrating with a special 15%discount on my 'Orkney Landscape' collection of Limited edition prints!!

Winter has well and truly arrived! Today in Orkney we had snow which surprisingly is quite unusual, our islands are surrounded by sea and as a result, snow tends not to stay, at least for any length of time because of the sea salt. This morning was calm with very little wind but as the afternoon light faded at around 3pm, the wind started to rise and by evening I heard that the local ferry service from Aberdeen to Kirkwall was delayed and wouldn't dock till three hours later than the normal time of 11pm at night. I knew a friend was on the boat with her family and I hoped that she was a good sailor! as it happened she had booked a cabin for herself and her children so at least they would be able to lie down and 'ride the waves', although if it were me that wouldn't stop my awful sea sickness! one of the down sides of living on an island! But I do love winter in Orkney! I like to explore our coastline, seascape and landscape wandering along the shoreline looking for hidden beach treasure or 'flotsam' as we call it here in Orkney. The best time to go is the day after a big gale when the waves are still high and are crashing against the the shoreline, I love the sound of the water falling back against the beach stones breathing strongly back and fore, and best of all it is just me and the sea together here in Orkney on a cold winters day.  

Limited edition print/Blue day at Marwick head, Orkney –

This abstract print of a wild winter day is just the kind of weather and sea that you don't want to be out on a boat in! just looking at it makes me feel sea sick! This print is one of over one hundred images in my 'Orkney landscape' collection of limited edition prints. I have a special 15% Discount off all of this collection of prints until the end of February. All prints come in various sizes depending on the image and come accompanied with a signed and numbered authentication certificate. If you would like to see all of this print collection go to

Live now! 15% Discount on this collection/Limited edition prints Orkne –


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