A picture of Orkney artist Jane Glue standing in front of her painting, 'Blackbirds and old bus, Hoy' which was exhibited at the annual exhibition of art at The gallery of art, The mound, Edinburgh in 2014.'

Orkney Artist Jane Glue

I cannot begin to tell you about myself without mentioning that I am a twin. My  sister, Judith Glue and I were born in Orkney in 1958 to Don and Ella Glue. My parents met in Orkney during WW2 when dad was based at Scapa flow on the naval ship, The HMS Rodney. Judith and myself were what you might call an 'afterthought' as our parents were older when we were born, however mum always said that it was easier having twins as they occupied each other.  We both had a keen interest in art from an early age and were constantly drawing and creating. Poor mum always had to choose who did the best picture as we were very competitive!

In 1976 I left Orkney to attend Gray's School of Art | Academic Schools | RGU in Aberdeen while my sister Judith stayed and set up her own 'leathercraft' business which later evolved into Judith Glue knitwear which is opposite St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. I suffered badly from home sickness, being just 17yrs old with no mobiles or internet so I returned home after just completing my first year at Gray's. I still continued to paint and draw, selling a few paintings locally, as well as working at our local museum and  my parents business Home | Wellpark Garden Centre which now belongs to my two neices. By 1982 I decided to study art for a second time and I was accepted into to  Harrow school of art in London to study book Illustration(now part of Westminster university), graduating in 1985. I was still keen to return home to live and work in Orkney. I started my career doing a few illustration projects including a large commission for the newly opened Highland Park Whisky Distillery · Kirkwall, Orkney that commission provided the finance I needed to start printing my own cards and other products and in April 1987 I opened my own gallery in Judith Glue 's in Kirkwall. Tourism in Orkney was just beginning and my business grew with it along with the great support of many locals who bought and collected my work.  I spent ten years at Judith Glue, moving further down the street to  39 Albert st, for a further ten years where I had more room to display and sell  my original work. In 2000 I bought an almost derelict old smithy in the village of Finstown and gradually the property was developed into a large gallery, studio and self catering house attached to the sea end. In 2005 the new 'Jane Glue Gallery' was opened and I spent ten happy years there. In 2015 after 30 yrs of owning a shop/gallery retail outlet, I decided to sell my Finstown property and after a well deserved break I moved into  new studio space at The Creative Hub, Hatston in Kirkwall at the back of Unique Handmade Silver & Gold Designer Jewellery | Orkney UK (ortak.co.uk) This has enabled me to have a lot more freedom and time to paint and develop my career further.

At the beginning of my career I concentrated on the medium of watercolours, usually working out on location and painting the Orkney landscape and seascape but these days I prefer to work in my studio creating work using mixed media such as acrylics, inks, collage and 'found' objects such as sea glass, pottery and shells from the Orkney shoreline, using a multi layered technique.  

My new website which was launched in 2019 and consists of artwork from over a 35yrs art career. These paintings are available for sale as limited edition prints, cards and gift other products. I also have a selection of my recent original artwork for sale. To view my website visit Orkney artist Jane Glue prints – www.janeglue.com

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