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Peedie shell box/Merganser

Peedie shell box/Merganser

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A selection of 'found' sea glass, shells and pottery from the Orkney shoreline. This box consists of one main piece of sea pottery covered with an image of a young merganser bird on the shoreline and signed on the back. Other pieces in the box are a small piece of bladderwrack seaweed painted with gold acrylic paint, a limpet shell with a painted blue rim, a small piece of patterned sea pottery, a mussel shell, a white and a small brown limpet shell, a small shiny grey/black pebble, a winkle shell and two small pieces of sea urchin shell.  

The turquiose blue craft box is 90X90mm, 40mm deep and comes wrapped with my own design of silk ribbon.  

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