Collection: Limited edition prints Orkney Landscape

All my limited edition prints are in run's of 100 prints and come with a printed signed and numbered authentication certificate. Each one is printed on archival paper and has a 10-30mm white border depending on the image size. For more information on my limited edition prints go to Orkney artist Jane Glue Limited edition prints –

The Orkney landscape has always inspired me! The weather here can change constantly throughout the day. This provides a wonderful variety of colour and light and 'it's all about the light' whether it is the short days of winter light or the long days of summer or the  'simmer dim' as we call it here in Orkney. Many pictures in this Orkney Landscape collection are painted in watercolours which I think works perfectly for painting the wide open Orkney skies. There are also quite a few new mixed media landscapes. This collection is by far the biggest on this website with over one hundred and forty images. Here are two of my own favourites

Limited edition print/Cow parsley on the shoreline –

Limited edition print/Farmhouse in Puldrite, Rendall, Orkney –