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Collection: Original paintings by Orkney artist Jane Glue

My unique original artworks are created using various mixed media techniques from watercolours, acrylic paint, collage and 'found' items from my beach combing. I like to use a multi layered techniue, building up the surface and I paint on a mixture of surfaces from heavyweight  watercolour paper with a deckled edge bought from Two Rivers Paper – We hand-make beautiful rag papers for artists and designers at an ancient watermill deep in the Somerset countryside  to canvas boards and stretched canvases. My paintings consist of many different subjects such as the Orkney landscape, beaches, coast, cottage ruins and wild birds, sometimes painted traditionally with watercolours and some painted in a more abstract and expressive style. My originals have been framed professionally at Orkney Photographic for same day processing and printing, wedding, portrait, news and sports photography and have been especially chosen to match the colours of each original painting.

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