Indigo landscape, a limited edition print of gulls against an abstract landscape by Orkney artist Jane Glue

Stormy seas and the glittering light of winter

I visited one of my favourite Orkney places today, The Brough of Birsay and the surrounding area. The last few days we have had one of the biggest storms for years as have many other parts of Britain. This morning the sea was relatively calm and snow covered most of the west mainland including The Hoy Hills which appeared like a huge iced cake peeping through the snow showers with just a glint of sunlight along it's left side. What I love about Orkney is the light and the immense feeling of space which surrounds us. This never fails to inspire me and I returned home from my drive with a new sense of why I live here, my Island home. 

Recently my work has become more abstract and expressive and I constantly look for new ways to paint my favourite subjects such as the landscape, seascape and wild birds of Orkney.

Original painting framed/Golden landscape with white gull –

Hidden within the Orkney landscape and seascape are many wild birds, different species of gulls, ducks and geese along with the curlews and lapwings and today, I saw a huge heron landing in a ditch. Where there are birds, there is landscape and shoreline all around, and out at sea where there are birds are the fish and with the fish, the seals and then the whales and dolphins. The dark greys of the sky and bursts of sunlight bounce off the surrounding fields and sea and the gulls dip and glide along the coast as in this original Original painting framed/Flock of seagulls hidden amongst the dark blu –


Out at The Brough of Birsay I walk past the poet Edwin Rendalls small wooden house where he used to spend many hours writing his poetry. His poems along with the sea and brough provided me with the inspiration for this painting and I have also included a couple of excerpts from his work hidden amongst the waves or 'white horses' as we call them in Orkney, 'When the green shutters fall' Now sold


As the winter moves on and Orkney becomes the unpredictable again, I will continue to seek inspiration from the landscape and nature around me and I hope you will travel with me into next year and all that it brings for me as an artist living and breathing my surroundings.

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