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Judith, Jane and SamShellsgulls

Jane and her twin sister Judith were born in Orkney in 1958. There parents Don and Ella Glue met during WW2 when Don's ship the HMS Rodney was based in Scapa Flow. Don was originally from Somerset but they decided to settle in Orkney after the war. They had four children, Gus, Donald and the twins. They set up in business at Wellpark Garden Centre, then the most northern garden centre in the UK. The business is now run by Don and Ella's two grand daughters. Jane and Judith had always had a keen interest in art and in 1976 Jane attended Grays school of Art, Aberdeen. Jane returned home after only one year at Gray's suffering from severe homesickness, she later attended Harrow College of Higher Education in Middlesex from 1982-85 to study Illustration. In 1987 Jane opened her business Shorelines Gallery at the back of Judith Glue's shop opposite St Magnus Catherdral. Jane was was there for ten years, when she moved to 39 Albert st in Kirkwall, here there was room to display original work upstairs and to sell her prints and other products downstairs. A long term dream had been to own her own property and she bought an almost derelict old smithy in Finstown in 2000. Gradually the property was developed into a large gallery and studio with a self catering house attached to the sea end. She moved in 2005 to the new Shorelines Gallery and spent ten happy years there. In 2015 after 30 yrs of painting Jane decided to sell the gallery and moved into studio space at The Creative Hub in Kirkwall. This enabled her to have more time to paint and not be so tied to regular opening hours of a shop/gallery. This year in 2020 she launched her new website, www.janeglue.com , it was developed just before 'lockdown' and consists of over 35yrs of paintings all available in prints. Jane works in collaboration with www.theprintspace.com , they produce her  high quality prints and deliver them to customers, this allows more time for Jane in her studio. Originally Jane always worked with watercolours but gradually she has introduced other mediums such as acrylics, inks and collage. She loves to wander the local beaches and find treasures for her new paintings!

Jane married Billy Tait in 1990, they have one daughter Elsa and live in Kirkwall. 

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