Kirkwall from the marina an embellished print by Orkney artist Jane Glue

Introducing my new hand finished/embellished prints

An great way to add value to an artist's artwork and for the purchaser is to produce embellished prints. Each image is unique.


A lot of my more recent paintings have been in mixed media using all sorts of materials from collage to cold wax so I thought it would be interesting to add some different elements to a few of my print designs. So far I have used acrylic paint, (quite thickly), oil crayons, collage and gold and silver leaf. These mediums certainly give a different feel to the picture and make for an interesting image. I have two sizes of embellished prints, A4 and A3, each one is titled and signed on the front of the image. To view my collection of hand finished prints that are available go to Unique hand painted/embellished prints by Jane Glue –

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