Collection: Limited edition prints Historical

All my limited edition prints are in run's of 100 prints and come with a printed signed and numbered authentication certificate. Each print has a 10-30mm white border depending on the image size. To read more about my prints go to

 Orkney artist Jane Glue Limited edition prints – 

This collection of prints consists of the many historical sites that we have in Orkney. Orkney is famous for its neolithic history and we are privileged to have a World Heritage site which includes the famous stone circle of the ring of brodgar, Maeshowe tomb and the neolithic village of Skara Brae. We also have a lot of WW2 history as Orkney's Scapa Flow was The British naval base in both world wars and there were thousands of troops based here on the mainland and on the isles of Hoy and Flotta. The Churchill barriers were built by Italian prisoners of war and we are very lucky that they left us the fabulous Italian Chapel which stands next to the first barrier. You will see quite a few prints based around the story of Orkney's famous arctic explorer, Dr John Rae, of whom I am a big fan of and also few vintage buses and the odd red telephone box!. Here are my two favourite images out of a collection of over fifty prints.

Limited edition print/The explorer Dr John Rae's home –

Limited edition print/Blackbirds and old bus in Hoy –