Collection: Limited edition prints Fauna/Birds

All my limited edition prints are in run's of 100 prints and come with a printed signed and numbered authentication certificate. Each print has a 10-30mm white border depending on the image size. To read more about my prints go to

 Orkney artist Jane Glue Limited edition prints –

This collection of prints consists of a variety of Orkney's birds and mammals. I have always loved nature and each year I am inspired to paint our wild birds, especially our the sea birds and my favourite is the Atlantic puffin or 'clown of the sea' or 'sea parrot' as they are sometimes called. Puffins arrive at their breeding ground at the beginning of April and stay until mid August. They return to the same breeding ground each summer and meet up with the same mate and only have one chick each year. Atlantic puffins can live until twenty years old! Apart from the puffins, there are many other beautiful wild birds here in Orkney  such as gannets, gulls, oystercatchers, curlews, lapwings and guillemots.