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This month I am launching a new product for sale on my website. Prints on canvas! Recently I have been working with acrylics and collage on canvas boards and rather than add them to my collection of prints on paper I thought these pictures would look good being reproduced on canvas. All the paintings in this section were inspired by Orkney birds, cliff scenes and landscape. Last summer I had the chance to go to the island of Westray, when lockdown had eased for a few weeks, there I saw the gannet colony at Noup head. It was fantastic to see these magnificent birds swooping and diving amongst the waves and cliffs as you can see in the pictures 'Gannets on a summers day' and 'Diving gannets'. Other bird paintings in this new collection are 'Curlews in the sunset', 'Oystercatchers on the shoreline', 'Gulls diving', ' Sunset with gull', 'Sunset with terns', 'Crow abstract', 'Oystercatchers abstract' and 'Redshank abstract'. Landscape images include, 'Textured sunset', 'Orange sunset' and 'Orange and purple sunset'. 'Sunset memories' is part of a series of paintings based around old photographs.

I have also been doing some art with artist Celia Smith by zoom during lockdown. Celia is an abstract artist living in Inverness-shire. She has inspired me to try different techniques and be more adventurous! it has been great fun and I am pleased that I can share some of my new pictures with you. I have continued to work with Celia this year so look out for more prints of new paintings!


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