It is always wonderful to receive feedback from my customers. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write to me. Here are some comments that I have received, thanks to the authors for allowing me to share.

 Picture of Jane

 "We bought a couple of your pictures while in Orkney several years ago and absolutely love them." Sarah Taylor

"Have a few lovely numbered pictures Rackwick Bay ... the Hoy Hills from Stenness.... Mrs Findlay’s cottage ... Hamnavoe Stromness and some cards framed from years ago always reminds me of Orkney" Susan Nisbett

"I have 3 of your pictures l bought in 2 separate visits to Orkney.
I wouldn’t part with them.If l had the wall space l’d purchase more..." Xander Rankin

 "Have a few prints and originals, love them all. Captures the very essence of Orkney very well." June Sinclair, Orkney

 "Jane is one of Orkneys most talented artists. She totally captures the essence and beauty of our lovely islands. We have quite a few of her original paintings and prints and I enjoy looking at them every day. The high quality of the frames help enhance the stunning pictures." Jill Robb, Orkney

 "I am a quarter Shetlander, but the Orkneys are so beautiful, one of my favourite places to be. I have prints and one Jane Glue original to keep me happy. Thank you Jane." Elaine Martin

"You have been part of my life for many, many years! Have lots of your pictures dotted all around the B&B - in guest rooms, guest areas and our own personal spaces. I have seen prints on your website that I don’t recall seeing before - I need more wall space!" Julie Rickards, Orkney

 "We visited the wonderful Orkney Islands 5 years ago. I first saw Jane Glues' prints on Jane Glue was part of the inspiration behind the creation of The Riverside Studio back in 2005. The other inspiration was from my now husband Graeme Dykes who encouraged me to follow my dream. It was because of him I was able to visit Jane’s gallery in Kirkwall, to meet and chat with her, watch her work surrounded by her beautiful originals and prints, with her dog at her feet, and dream of doing the same myself. She was kind enough to give me lots of advice, even sending me home with a supplier catalogue to help me on my way. I keep two of her prints in pride of place and always think of her kindness, generosity and talent with grateful thanks and much love 🌟" The Dyke Family

 "Orkney is always on our list to visit! Your paintings and words speak loudly of beautiful Orkney. I do admire your body of work! ❤️" Sheena McGoogan, Canada