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Jane Glue

Original painting framed/Gannets on a summers day

Original painting framed/Gannets on a summers day

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I think that Gannets are maybe one of my favourite birds. They swoop, dive and glide around the cliffs and sea and are magnificent to watch! This painting is a mixture of collage and acrylics, I have used sweeping brush strokes to create the movement of the birds and the painting is made up of lots of we landscape shots. I particularly like the gannet on the bottom right which looks as it is bowing like an angel from above. 

The overall size including frame is 665X490mm. The frame is a lime washed wood moulding and is 40mm wide. The painting itself is varnished but not glazed as I prefer the on looker to see and feel the lovely textures. 

This picture can be collected from my studio in Kirkwall or ordered on line. Please contact to arrange collection.

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