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Small candle in a tin/Tammie norries(puffins)

Small candle in a tin/Tammie norries(puffins)

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This cute little candle is presented in a 'mock' paint tin and has a print of a watercolour painting by Jane Glue wrapped around the outside. The candle is made by my daughter, Elsa Tait Designs | and has a fragrance of sea breeze and orange. Each one is hand poured with soya wax and CLP labelled. The tin size is 60mm wide and 60mm in height. Each tin comes in a box.

Tammie norrie is the Orcadian name for a puffin. Puffins mate for life and I really like this image of this couple 'canoodling' amongst a bed of wildflowers.

This image is also available as a limited edition print at

Limited edition print/Tammie norries (Puffins) –

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